Canadian Health and Care Mall Review – A Legal Pharmacy Network

The Canadian Health and Care Mall is a drugstore chain that operates on the internet. It has been around the web for what amounts to 15 years now. This online drugstore chain was launched back in the year 2003. The store has been focusing on selling generic medications which they claim to source from reputable generic drugs manufacturers. The sites forming the network have a simple look which makes it quite easy to figure out what you need to do to add your meds to the cart even if you have never shopped on the sites before. The look we are talking about is the following:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Homepage

The front page features a 10% discount code which is great news for online medication shoppers who are usually seeking for online drug stores which can allow them to save much of their money. The store network carries a number of medications on their catalog. For people who are not looking for narcotics or non-FDA approved medications, this online drugstore chain will offer a solution to their needs.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Reviews

Figuring whether an online drugstore chain is operating legally or it is just another scam trying to rip people off is not an easy thing. Different factors have to be taken into consideration before you can make a decision. These include the reviews. Here are some of the reviews for the network of pharmacies:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Reviews

Tracy ordered from the med store network for two times. She says she will be ordering for the third time. The network ships promptly and the delivery is fast. She says this is rare which is probably the reason she is sticking with the pharmacy network. The meds are also very affordable for her.

The second reviewer thanks the network for its good work. She buys generic Indomethacin from the network for her husband. When compared to the price for the same drug in the local stores located in Toronto, she saves a third. She saves a lot of cash given that she buys frequently.

Jason never wanted to go to the local pharmacy to purchase Viagra in front of everyone. He, therefore, decided to order the medications from the store network. He is happy he ordered from the pharmacy since the store is much cheaper and the drugs are delivered to his door.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Online

The stores in this drugstore chain don’t necessarily look too similar. They vary in some small aspects. However, they are similar in so many ways. For example, you will find the same medications on all of them, the color schemes utilized on the sites are also very similar. The ordering process and check out are similar. Speaking of the checkout, the pharmacy network offers its customers numerous payment options. These are as we have indicated below:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Payment Options

They carry all the major credit cards which include VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, JCB, Discover, and American Express. They also have the ACH as the method of payment. The payments are handled securely on a 256-bit secure server. The meds you source from the network don’t require you to send in your prescription. This favors people who don’t have access to a doctor and those who don’t want to spend their precious time in a doctor’s office just to get a script for meds they already know how to use. The meds will be delivered to your door very quickly.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Coupon Codes

One of the sites had a coupon code HEALTHCARE10 which would allow the buyer to save 10% of his or her money. This is not the only thing you can use to save on your meds. The sites also allow you to get other unpaid for bonuses. See the following cart for proof:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Offers and Discounts

For meds which exceed 200 dollars, the standard airmail shipping charges are waived. You get to choose free pills between the major erectile dysfunction medications. The price for pills usually reduces as the number of pills you are purchasing increases.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Phone Numbers

Some of the websites in this network were not having any telephone number that a buyer could use to call the customer support department. What they all had was a contact page with a contact form and email addresses. The telephone number we located on one of the sites is +1-631-371-3659. The email address is [email protected]

Canadian Health and Care Mall Spam and Phone Calls

The Canadian Health & Care Mall drugstore network has been on the web for a very long time. However, the drugstore network has managed to maintain a clean record. We could not locate anyone on the web who was unhappy with the services that the drugstore network provides or the quality of products they deliver. This is a great sign. when we searched for comments which could indicate the pharmacy network spams people, we could not locate any. This is to say that all your contact details will be safe with this drugstore network.


We have gone through numerous consumer comments for the pharmacy network. Some of the things that are apparent in their comments include the quick delivery the pharmacy network offers, the low prices people have enjoyed, the high-quality generic drugs users receive, and the solid customer support they are given. This indicates that the pharmacy network is worth a 5-star rating. One thing we warn our readers is about the numerous online pharmacies pretending to operate under the Canadian health and Care Mall network but in the real sense, they are scammers. Use proven web addresses to stay safe. if you happen to use random web addresses, you risk ending on a pharmacy site that looks exactly like a genuine network site while in the real sense it is a scam. You will end up being scammed on the site while you think you are safe.