MySecuretabs Review: A Long-Serving Online Pharmacy Network

My Securetabs is a trusted online network of drugstores that is made up of various websites with a uniform homepage. The websites also stock the same types of medications which are sold at equal prices. This may seem complex to the customers and some may even conclude that the websites are a scam which is untrue.

My Securetabs has been in operation for a long time and has been verified as a trusted online pharmacy network. There are several seals to that effect from CIPA, MIPA, and Pharmacy Checker as well. Customers should, therefore, remove any doubts regarding the legitimacy of the network and shop with the assurance that the right quality of the medications will be delivered within the agreed time.

Once a customer has placed his order, the processing will be done within twenty-four hours so that the drugs will get to the customer as soon as possible. The network will ensure that they send a notification via mail when the shipping has been initiated to enable him to follow up on the shipping. Customers should not be afraid of any encounter with the customs officials as the package will be labeled as a gift.

The privacy of the customers who buy medications from My Securetabs network is guaranteed since the connections have been encrypted to prevent any external intrusion. The deductions made on the credit card will not show the purpose for which the money was deducted. This is to ensure that no one will know the kind of transactions that you have carried out using the credit card.

MySecuretabs Reviews

Dorothy terms the services offered at My Securetabs online network as excellent and also loves the way that the customer service staff deals with her queries. She also says that the prices of medication are good and she was able to get value for her money. Samuel also agrees with Dorothy and says that the services are fast and courteous. She has been buying drugs from them for years and every time he places an order, he is given regular updates regarding the shipping progress.

Sarah from Spain says that the services offered at My Securetabs network are not easy to come by these days. She also says that they are very fast and courteous every time they are attending to a customer so that the customer can get the drugs without any unnecessary delays. Piter resides in Italy and he says that he is very pleased with the shipment and the customer service as well and will be ordering again from the network. Barbara was also able to receive her order sooner than she had anticipated and she is totally satisfied.

It is very clear that the services that the network offers to the customers are the best in regards to the prices and the quality of the medications. The customer service team is also keen on making every customer have a memorable experience when purchasing drugs from the network.

My Securetabs Reviews

MySecuretabs Online

My Securetabs network offers pharmaceutical services through several indistinguishable websites to ensure that the reach as many people as possible. Every website will get its own traffic and once the orders have been sent in by the customers, they will be sent to the main website where they will be processed and shipped to the various destinations.

My Securetabs Pharmacy Look

The drugs stocked are sourced from well-known manufacturers who have a reputation for producing the most effective medications. The drugs have been taken through all the necessary tests to make sure that they will not harm the person who will be using them. Health bodies such as the FDA have certified that both generic and brand medications will be safe for consumption. This is why every customer who purchases drugs from the network talks about how effective the medications are.

When purchasing drugs from the network, you will notice that the brand medications will be marked with the ‘brand’ label while those that are generics will not have any label. This will make it easy for customers to decide if they wish to buy the pricier brand medications or the low-priced generic drugs. Both types will work perfectly since they contain the same chemical composition and the only difference between them is the price.

When buying medications online from any website that is identical to My Securetabs in appearance, be careful so that you will not fall into the hands of those selling fake drugs. Some of them will format their websites to look like the genuine My Securetabs so that those who are not careful will fall into their trap.

MySecuretabs Coupon Codes

To get more discounts when purchasing drugs from My Securetabs, customers are advised to purchase their prescription drugs at once. This is because the larger packs will cost much less than the smaller packs. If you look at the price of Atorlip below, you will notice that the smaller pack will be sold at E$0.71 per pill and the customer who buys the largest pack will get the drugs at $0.44 per pill. This customer will also get the drugs shipped for free while the person who purchased the small pack will have to part with $10 for the shipping.

On every order, there is a 10% discount that is offered which will also bring down the cost of the drugs.

Atorlip 5 mg Discounted Price

MySecuretabs Phone Numbers

Whenever a need arises and you need to contact the customer service team at My Securetabs network, the following numbers can be used:

  • +1-718-487-9792 is for the US customers
  • +4420-3239-7092 is for the UK customers

MySecuretabs Spam and Phone Calls

There is no record that shows any incidence where My Securetabs has sent spam messages or made distractive calls to their customers. Customers might get occasional reminders about refills.


My Securetabs is one of the most reliable online pharmacy network through which millions of orders have been processed. The network conducts all its transactions professionally and ensures that every customer is satisfied with the quality and the prices of any medication bought from the network and as a result, we will give it a 5* rating.