Pharmacy Mall Review – Network with Only Good Records Online

Pharmacy Mall is actually a pharmacy network or a series of online drugstores bearing the same store name (Pharmacy Mall) but have varying web addresses. Pharmacy Mall is currently one of the most popular online drugstore networks around given its reliable service and high-quality products. It has been around since the 90s and has since served over 1M customers worldwide. Not all pharmacy sites are like Pharmacy Mall—most online drugstores end their service within a year, but the network Pharmacy Mall seems to persist against all odds.

Online drugstore networks like Pharmacy Mall may be confusing for most customers because of their similar website “templates” but different domain names. However, customers should not fear online drugstore networks like Pharmacy Mall since they are fully licensed and are operating legally. Networks like Pharmacy Mall work this way:

Network websites get orders –> websites forward the orders to one main website –> main website fulfills the orders

Network drugstores have a pretty straightforward system and are reliable in fulfilling buyer orders. However, scammers usually destroy the integrity of unknowing online drugstore networks by copying the stores and posing as members of the networks. Because of scammers ensnaring customers to their fake websites, buyers are advised to become more vigilant against scammers pretending to be actual online drugstore network pharmacies.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Ratings and buyer testimonials are invaluable in determining a certain website’s performance. Like most online drugstores, the network shops included in the Pharmacy Mall network are also able to gain reviews from their buyers. Surprisingly, most of the buyer reports for Pharmacy Mall shops were from satisfied buyers. The reviews for Pharmacy Mall shops typically have the following subjects:

  • Cost-effective prices

Buyers were happy with Pharmacy Mall prices because they are cheaper than most online drugstore prices. Customers are offered with prices that are up to 70% lower than local drugstore pricing.

  • Reliable shipping

Customer reviews for Pharmacy Mall also confirm the reliability of Pharmacy Mall support team. Reports from buyers able to receive their orders from the network were posted, indicating that Pharmacy Mall shops can be depended upon when it comes to deliveries.

  • Friendly support team

Buyers of Pharmacy Mall stores also admired the help rendered them by Pharmacy Mall shops and some buyers even related specific stories detailing how Pharmacy Mall staff helped them finalize their orders on the store.

  • Added value for money

Besides the low prices for the medicines, Pharmacy Mall consumers also praised the network’s deals like free pills, free shipping, bulk discounts, special coupons, and plenty others.

Also, no customer complaints about any Pharmacy Mall shop exist so we can safely say that Pharmacy Mall stores were enjoyed well by the customers.

Pharmacy Mall Online

Pharmacy Mall stores take on one appearance—a plain white website highlighted with shades of turquoise and light green. There were no pop-ups or ads on Pharmacy Mall websites, just the main content—an arrangement of generic and brand name products for a variety of medical conditions. You can see that Pharmacy Mall stores mean business because the products on each website network were straightforward—no sugar coatings or inflated descriptions of the items.

Buyers can search for their medicines using the Pharmacy Mall search function or they can look for the meds through their medical conditions served. The medicines sold by Pharmacy Mall stores include common Rx and OTC medicines, but they also include skin care products, herbal treatments, supplements, and even medical supplies.

Some of the popular medicines on Pharmacy Mall include the following:

  • Cialis: $0.68 per tablet
  • Viagra: $0.27 per tablet
  • Doxycycline: $0.30 per tablet
  • Amoxil: $0.39 per tablet
  • Lasix: $0.25 per tablet
  • Valtrex: $2.66 per tablet
Pharmacy Mall Shop – Birth Control Products
Pharmacy Mall Shop – Birth Control Products

To minimize inconvenience, the Pharmacy Mall stores offer all of the products without prescriptions. Customers need not send their Rx to Pharmacy Mall, but they still have to consult their doctors for the proper dosage and intake information for their medicines. Pharmacy Mall strongly encourages the consumers to make sure that they will be made aware of the possible side effects, contraindications, and the special instructions related to their medicine intake.

Although customers may use different Pharmacy Mall websites, their orders will be forwarded to one central website. This means that it will not matter where the orders will come from since all the orders on Pharmacy Mall stores will be processed by only one main website.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

There are several coupon codes offered by Pharmacy Mall stores to their clients. Here are two of the discounts available for buyers of Pharmacy Mall shops:

Coupon Code for Pharmacy Mall Buyers
Coupon Code for Pharmacy Mall Buyers

Pharmacy Mall is offering the code IL-9158 for its buyers. This discount code enables buyers to slash 10% off their purchases from the store.

Coupon Code for Pharmacy Mall Buyers
Coupon Code for Pharmacy Mall Buyers

The other code from Pharmacy Mall, BJ-9114 enables customers to save 5% of their total purchases from any Pharmacy Mall shop. However, customers should only use one code during checkout.

Apart from these coupon discounts, customers are also entitled to freebies, free shipping, and bulk order savings.

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

Buyers can contact Pharmacy Mall shops using their phone numbers posted on the stores or through email using the messaging option present on every Pharmacy Mall online shop.

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

There is a possibility for online pharmacies to get negative reviews for their service, so we also tried looking for complaints about Pharmacy Mall, if there were any. Fortunately for Pharmacy Mall, there were no existing buyer rants for the network shops, which means that buyers were mostly happy with their purchases from the network.


The Pharmacy Mall network is a collection of online pharmacies offering the same products for the same prices. This network is with good reviews from its previous consumers and has a clean online record. A network without complaints is great for consumers, hence our recommendation to use this drugstore network.