Varafil Review: A Terrible Drug That Is not Recommended

Varafil Review

Brand: Varafil

Active Ingredient: Vardenafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Unknown

Country of Manufacture: Vietnam

Varafil Package Image

Review and Description

Varafil is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Persons suffering from the condition have limited blood flow to the penis. The body’s natural reaction to genital stimulation is for a rush of blood to reach the area creating an erection. Varafil contains vardenafil, the active ingredient that is also found in the drug Levitra. Despite it being generic, it works in a similar way to Levitra by relaxing the muscles of the body’s blood vessels so that blood flow can increase to areas of the body. One of the areas is the penis.

Varafil is manufactured in Vietnam. The manufacturer of the drug is unknown. It is strange that a drug is being manufactured without any manufacturing company taking responsibility for it. Despite the drug being unclaimed by a manufacturer, it exists and has somehow made its way into the market.

Customer Reviews

Without a manufacturer, it was not shocking that Varafil had no corresponding reviews. Where is this drug marketed and sold? It is possibly only sold in Vietnam. For legal reasons, it is probably impossible for this drug to be sold openly in or be exported to another country’s market. A company that avoids printing its name on a drug could possibly be trying to avoid legal responsibility. Varafil is generic and if persons taking the drug die or experience a medical episode as a consequence, it is likely that these persons may intend to sue the manufacturer. If no manufacturer exists, then who is liable? Further, the drug is probably not safe to use.

Pricing and Dosage

As mentioned before, Varafil was probably only available for sale in Vietnam. I was unconvinced that countries would not allow a drug without a manufacturer listed to be imported into its country. The drug may not be available on shelves, but it is quite possible that there are other means of acquiring the drug and without a prescription.

When taking this drug for the first time, 10mg is recommended an hour before sexual intercourse. Your doctor may adjust the dose. Dose sizes can be 5mg increased to 10mg and then to 20mg as needed.

How to Buy Varafil Online

You cannot buy Varafil online it seems. The team searched for the drug, but it is not available. However, there are many available generic versions of Levitra available at the selected pharmacies below.

If you choose either pharmacy and spend less than $200, you would have to pay for your shipping. Shipping costs of either $19.95 for express or $9.95 for a regular delivery method. Levitra is limited to 10mg and 20mg doses so a splitter may be required if your doctor recommends a 5mg dose. The 20mg dose starts at $4.03 per pill at $40.29 for the pack. The 10mg dose starts at $3.45 per pill for $34.50 per pack. If you order larger amounts, you can pay as little as $1.69 per pill for 270 pills with the 20mg dose or $1.00 per pill for 360 10mg pills.

How to Use

Varafil is used in a similar fashion to all erectile dysfunction drugs. It is not chewable so it should only be swallowed and taken with water, not juice or alcohol. It should also be taken as per the instructions of your doctor. If you misplaced or forgot these instructions, there should be a leaflet with guiding information. The drug should only be taken as needed unless otherwise instructed.

The drug can be potentially fatal and this risk is increased if it is taken with nitrates or by persons with certain medical conditions. It should not be taken with medications concerning sildenafil, tadalafil or avanafil. Inform your doctor of preexisting medical conditions and about drugs you are taking for them especially: antibiotics, antifungals, HIV/AIDS medicines and drugs used to treat hypertension.

Side Effects

Side effects were listed for the drug. Most disappear within a day and others require emergency assistance. If you experience an allergic reaction, sudden vision loss or nausea, pain and a tingling feeling during sex; you should call your doctor immediately. Serious side effects also include irregular heartbeat, symptoms of a heart attack and vision and hearing changes. Less serious but common side effects include; nasal congestion, nausea, headaches, back pain and flushing.

Conclusion with Rating

Varafil is a drug used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is generic to Cialis and a mystery drug. It is not available anywhere, it has no listed manufacturer and there are no reviews or prices for the product. Apart from the drug’s picture and a few results from internet searches it is hard to ascertain if the drug is actually in circulation and in which markets.

Varafil got a 1-star rating from us. It is actually too good of a rating and more than it deserves. Persons using a drug need at least the basic information of who the manufacturer is and the price. If this information is not available, something has to be wrong with the quality of the product or the product is possibly just a scam. You should never purchase generic products without information about it. Someone should have tested it, and if the drug was not tested, it is highly unlikely that your doctor would recommend such a drug for you.

Products containing Vardenafil are intended to be prescription only. Do not take a generic product that is not prescribed by your doctor. The products can be fatal.