Vimax Sildenafil Review: Argentina Presents its own Viagra Replica

Vimax Sildenafil Review

Brand: Vimax Sildenafil

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Laboratorios Roemmers

Country of Manufacture: Argentina

Vimax Sildenafil Package Image

Review and Description

Vimax Sildenafil brand is a sildenafil citrate composition as the name suggests, produced by Laborotorios Reommers and Argentina pharma company. Which came into existence as a branch of a multinational pharmaceutical limited that was established in 1921 in Venezuela. Its intense research and crafted creations comprise of several impotence remedies such as Viagrasol and Viridil. With the list having versatile therapeutic categories meant to treat respiratory complications, digestive tract infections, psychiatry and neurosciences defects. All these medications fall into two broad clusters since they are either patented brands or generic ones. Its successful years in the industry are grounded on the dedication and competence of its staff in producing affordable and accessible medicines. A distinguished reasoning that it brings forth is the holistic approach it applies to the concept of health. For two decades it has consistently maintained the Argentina market along with other forms of drugs. Is it possible to dig deeper on what the internal constitutes of the pill? Of course, yes.

The oblong-shaped tablets are quantified differently with each having 25 Mg, 50 Mg and 100 Mg with two per pills in a blister pack. It is used for the treatment of Erectile dysfunction by depressing the constrict levels of the soft muscles in the blood vessels located in the penile tissues. In turn, the veins pave the way for an improved flow of blood to the penis. Without these chemical processes, people who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction find it challenging to get the typical arousal responses that facilitate an erection. Allow me to clarify the myth that the treatment can lead to an unsolicited erection once it is administered on the contrary it complements the standard arousal processes.

Customer Reviews

Vimax sildenafil has a long way to provoking its users to have a habit of leaving a compliment after use. That being the case one can say that it is at a better standing compared to most brands who go without user feedbacks. However, a straightforward testimonial is inadequate for elevating its rank to match those of highly effective impotencies. The compliment I’m referring to was published by an anonymous client four months ago, which acclaimed it a four-star rating out of five. The message in place is that it’s `very good.’

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It would have been a beautiful scene if other consumers joined in to comment on the drug to get different perspectives. The prescription has at least been tested and proved to be potent, besides that, its producer has made a name in the industry through the accumulation of practical experiences in the creation of active pharmaceutical ingredient.

Pricing and Dosage

Vimax Sildenafil is mostly traded in average quantities (50) Mg of Sildenafil citrate followed by the (100) Mg the least available has always been the (25) Mg tablets. To get current market prices, the diagram below was obtained from, a site where the drug is purchased.

Vimax sildenafil 50 Mg tabs in a group of twenty pills are sold at $ 878

Vimax sildenafil 50 Mg tabs in a group of twenty pills are sold at $ 878.90 each capsule going for $ 43.90. From the pricing, despite the location of the drugstore, it is way off the average wallet especially now that most medical insurances do not cater for impotence pills. Besides, $ 43.00 can roughly buy four brand Viagra tablets.

How to Buy Vimax Sildenafil Online

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The substitute is sold at $ 1.65 each at with the requirement of a prescription and a minimum shipping cost of $ 9.50. In case the ordinary airmail doesn’t suit you $ 19.50 is all you need to get EMS deliveries. For the transportation expenditure is $ 10.00 for regular airmail and $ 20.00 to utilize the Express courier plus $ 1.34 per pill.

How to Use

Vimax Sildenafil is a hard tablet which needs some water to get it through the esophagus. Its proper utilization requires an empty stomach and alcohol or the grape component free environment. It is taken only once per day and if possible, the administration time should be consistent. Having it an hour before the sexual exchange will not just give it a good onset span but also give you an optimized efficacy.

Side Effects

Vimax Sildenafil leads to facial flashes, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulties and at times wheezing, joint pain and muscle Acheson a mild scale. Adverse symptoms that need a quick medical intervention is priapism, temporary blindness and hearing challenges.

Conclusion with Rating

Vimax sildenafil is an impotence brand from Laboratorios Roemmers in Argentina (Multi-international firm) which has Viagrasol and Vidiril on its impotence list. It contains Sildenafil citrate as the main ingredient and is indicated for the management of Erectile dysfunction. Vimax has also been said to have positive effects on Pulmonary arterial hypertension. It works by increasing the relaxation of blood circulating veins and arteries that then increase the quantity of blood to the male reproductive organ. It is set in a way that one experiences an erection in the presence of a sexual stimulating agent. Vimax has also been well commented upon by one of its users who granted it four-stars out of five for appraisal. No doubt, a single comment cannot be relied upon to judge the potency of the drug, but at least it is something to confirm its potential efficacy. I, therefore, prize Vimax 3-stars and I encourage a doctor’s advice before consumption.