Purnail Review

Looking for a proven nail fungus treatment is not that easy all the time. One time you come across this brand and in another, you will see another option. This makes you an impulsive buyer who wants to try every single brand of product you see in the market. However, you have to take note that nail fungus is not to be treated that way. There is always one solution out there that will work specifically for your nail fungus needs and you can do that with a proven nail fungus treatment.

Also a proven nail fungus treatment, Purnail works by making sure that the fungus is cleared from its source. This natural, safe and effective solution is handy with its brush applicator. You can bring it anywhere just to make sure you can use it to kill your nail fungi. Make sure your nails are clean and dry before you apply the product for you to be able to see results. Restore your nails and enjoy the benefits of wearing open-toed shoes and sandals or even boasting your nail fungus free hands to others. You also have to know more about the formulation to prove it is effective and safe for your nail fungus.

More on the Ingredients of Purnail

Purnail has blended some of the best ingredients in the fight for nail fungus. It has undecyclenic acid (a derivative of castor oil) which makes it a fungicide derived from natures healing hands. It also has tea tree oil which has been proven to help maintain nail health; thanks to its healing properties that promote skin flora and health. Then, it also has sunflower seed oil whose main task is to moisturize, nourish and protect the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties to do that.

Purnail also has a mixture of other ingredients like: Phenoxyenthanol, an organic chemical compound which is at the same time a glycol ether that is present in many cosmetic and dermatological products; and Ethylhexylglycerin, a new chemical in the market that is becoming popular in the skin care world as a substitute to parabens.

How Purnail Works

Purnail works only if you use it accordingly. In its how to use section, you will find out some tips, directions and cautions to make the product work as effectively as it promises. This maximum strength formulation combats fungi that thrive underneath the nail bed of your toes and fingers. It works with pre-designed applicator brush.

To treat your nails with Purnail, make sure it is dry and clean and of course, free from dirt. Since it cannot penetrate with any nail polish on, it is best to apply it before you have your fingernails and toenails done. When applying the product, you have to be mindful of areas like the spaces in-between toes and fingers because these are niches for toenail and fingernail fungus. The solution has to be used twice daily to achieve results.

Purnail – Features that Explain the Benefits

There are a couple of benefits that you may derive from the use of Purnail on your nail fungus and these include the following:

Improved appearance of the nail bed and even surrounding skin; thanks to the moisturizing agents in the product;

Lessened fungus infection; thanks to the plant essences found in the product; and

A safer nail fungus alternative; thanks to the blend that comes from nature and to the chemicals that are better alternatives to the harmful parabens mixed in skin care products.

Our Verdict

The product is said to work immediately. However, you have to note that this benefit may apply to some but not to all users. It will still depend on the severity of the fungi that are thriving on your fingers and toes.

Some of you may take this as a dismay and lead you to buying other products such as Zetaclear and Funginix. Well, this may really be a crucial factor in making a purchase after all.

However, we still encourage you to give Purnail a try. It may be the one suited for your nail fungus concern.