Sildenafil Pensa Review: Not Internationally Recognized Erectile Dysfunction Medication

Sildenafil Pensa Review
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Brand: Sildenafil Pensa

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Pensa

Country of Manufacture: Italy (Multinational)

Sildenafil Pensa Tablets Image

Review and Description

Sildenafil Pensa is produced and marketed by the multinational company Pensa Pharma. This product is a drug created to treat erectile dysfunction in men which is a condition characterized by the inability of a man to maintain or even achieve an erection. Most men in their prime of life suffer from this condition at some point in time in their life. The reasons or triggers are many and could range from psychological defects to physiological defects.

The Sildenafil Pensa tablets have a gelatinous blue color and are soft enough to be chewed. This brings a little variation to the other erectile dysfunction pills available. Each pill contains Sildenafil Citrate, which is a 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitor. Compounds such as this one work by increasing the blood flow into the penile capillary bed, thus enabling the men to be able to achieve an erection.

Usually, in men who have erectile dysfunction, there is a defect in the normal physiological regulatory mechanism in the men which causes the action of 5-phosphodiesterase on the penile arteries to start sooner than is expected, thus men have the uncomfortable situation of losing an erection just immediately after it has begun. In some cases, the erection does not happen at all. Sildenafil Citrate, therefore, delays this enzyme which elongates the action of cGMP on the arteries, giving these arteries ample time to fill up and be engorged with blood.

The manufacturing and marketing company, Pensa Pharma is a multinational pharmaceutical company with its origins in Italy. Regardless of its Italian base, Sildenafil Pensa has been found to be active in many countries, thus earning its own multinational status. The company does not only create erectile dysfunction drugs but also creates many other medications that are necessary for the general health and well-being of its clients.

Customer Reviews

There were no reviews found on the drug by actual users who have put Sildenafil Pensa to the test. However, it could be realized that these drugs may simply have been made for sale in the pharmacies in which the company is based or distributes the medication. It may not have been made to target an online market. Pensa pharma, since its inception in 2006, has already gained grounds in 6 countries including the USA, Germany, Turkey, and Portugal. The pharmaceutical company is engaged in the commercialization of generic medications. The main goal is to maximize the number of molecules per formula in the drugs to create a better access to healthcare and optimize the healthcare resources. It is highly possible that Sildenafil Pensa is great and has a good local market base in the several countries that Pensa Pharma is located, however, since it has a poor internet presence, potential clients are advised to find medications that are more internationally commercialized and advertised.

Pricing and Dosage

Due to the lack of internet presence, no pricing was found for Sildenafil Pensa online. However, it can be assumed that these chewy pills come in the doses 50 and 100mg, contained in packs of 4 and 8. Since the drug is a generic formulated medicine, it is safe also to say that whatever it may be sold for locally is probably less than the price marketed for Viagra online.

How to Buy Sildenafil Pensa Online

For online buyers, finding such a poorly internationally recognized drug could be difficult. The best bet would be to chance upon it in a pharmacy where the company has one of its bases. Online buyers should look for other alternatives that may work as well as Sildenafil Pensa but are more available online. One of such options is Fildena. It is easy to find Fildena online for some of the cheapest prices marketed for generic erectile dysfunction medications. Shipping policies may incur different costs on the product, and these prices differ between stores.

You can source Fildena from the following e-stores

How to Use

Like most sildenafil containing drugs, Sildenafil Pensa should be ingested orally, swallowed or chewed, with or without food. The recommended dose is 50mg 60 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. However, this dose can be adjusted to suit the patients’ needs by a medical doctor after consultation. The highest dose to be taken is 100mg, and patients must not exceed this dose within 24 hours.

Side Effects

The more serious side effects are heart attack symptoms, chest pain, vision loss and blurriness, hearing loss, heart arrhythmias, priapism, and swelling. The more frequent and milder adverse reactions include nausea and vomiting, dizziness, headache, backache, vertigo and nasal congestion. If a patient should experience any of these symptoms, especially the more severe ones, the use of Sildenafil Pensa should be stopped immediately and emergency medical help should be sought.

Conclusion with Rating

Sildenafil Pensa is a Sildenafil Citrate containing erectile dysfunction drug which is created to solve this condition in men. It was created in Italy by Pensa Pharma, a multinational company that was established in 2006. Regardless of this multinational status, the company has not been able to give Sildenafil Pensa the international recognition and fame it needs to thrive on the international market. It can be assumed that this drug was made to be distributed locally.

The mechanism of action remains the same, as in other erectile dysfunction drugs, which is the increase of blood flow into the penile arteries which is necessary for an erection to be achieved. It is unfortunate that there are no reviews to be found online about the efficacy of the pharmaceutical product, however, it can be assumed that the price that it is being sold for locally is cheaper than the amount Viagra is sold for.

It is difficult to talk about the credibility of Pensa Pharma since it was only established in 2006. But within this short time, the company has been able to establish branches in some of the famous countries in Europe and the Americas. This is a commendable feat which has not been achieved by some of the pharmaceutical companies which have been there for longer. The rating due Sildenafil Pensa is about 3 out of 5. If you are in Italy or Portugal, it could be recommended that you try it out, however, if you are outside these countries, rather find a more internationally recognized drug to treat erectile dysfunction.

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